Matt Fishel is a London-based singer, songwriter and producer.

Over the years, he has crafted his own unique style of songwriting and production, with themes of sexuality, education, love and lust running through his work. His songs and lyrics deal openly with the joys, pains and experiences of growing up as a gay teenager and young man. 

In 2010, in order to do things his own way, Matt launched his own record label, Young Lust Records, which he now runs from his London studio. This creative freedom has enabled him to manage and oversee his own projects and to collaborate with a number of exciting artists from around the globe. 

Matt’s debut single - Football Song - was released worldwide by Young Lust Records on 7th June 2010, with beautiful artwork by Italian comic book illustrator Jacopo Camagni. The video for the song features Matt reminiscing about a school crush on the captain of the football team, complete with dancing footballers!
The song was selected by Attitude Magazine as "Our 2010 World Cup Anthem".

His follow-up single - The First Time - was released on 7th November 2011, alongside 2x '80s-inspired club remixes from Amsterdam-based remixer/producer Matt Pop (RuPaul's Drag Race). The video for The First Time was shot in Buenos Aires in Summer 2011 and is a collaboration with award-winning Argentinian movie director Alexis Dos Santos (Glue, Unmade Beds, Random Strangers).

These first two singles and videos gained Matt recognition from around the globe for his pop-rock driven style of music, candid lyrical content and unashamedly open videos. 

"Gloriously gay, sweetly romantic, wonderful touching music"  - STEPHEN FRY
"One of the most adorable music videos we've seen in a long time" - INSTINCT on The First Time
"An empowering soundtrack...A music video that will make you want to be a teenager all over again" - OUT MAGAZINE on The First Time
  "Stunning" - STAR OBSERVER

Matt released two further singles in 2012 - Behind Closed Doors and Testament. The video for Testament was directed by Berlin-based portrait photographer and visual artist, Arno, and is a high-octane journey through tradition, expectation and a celebration of sexuality and freedom.

“How refreshing to hear something that is more rocking and less clubby…a song of empowerment, encourages you to raise freedom flags and celebrates falling in love” - ACCIDENTAL BEAR

In October 2012, Matt won two awards at the celebrated 2012 RightOutTV Music & Video Awards: SONG OF THE YEAR for Behind Closed Doors and BEST VIDEO SO FAR for Football Song.

Matt's fifth single Radio-Friendly Pop Song, released in March 2013, comments on his (and others') experiences of the entertainment industry as an out artist. The song is accompanied by an official video created in collaboration with California's TyJens Media.

Matt spent 2012 hard at work in the studio with UK producer Mark Crew (B∆stille), recording his debut solo album, Not Thinking Straight. A blend of heavy guitars, big vocal harmonies and anthemic choruses, the album contains 13 tracks that deal with themes and issues surrounding gay life, relationships and experiences.  It was released worldwide by Young Lust Records on 8th April 2013 and is available now as both a digital download on iTunes and Amazon, and as a physical CD.

For the Not Thinking Straight artwork, Matt teamed up with San Diego-based comic book illustrator Joe Phillips (creator of Joe Boys Comics and director/animator of the films Stonewall & Riot  and The House Of Morecock ). The album art includes 18 stunning original illustrations by Joe, each telling a unique story based on the songs' lyrics. Joe Phillips also created and directed the wonderful animation video for When Boy Meets Boy, the sixth single from Not Thinking Straight. The single was released worldwide on 3rd June 2013 and includes another fantastic reworking of the song by Matt Pop. The accompanying video is a fun, animated tale of 'boy meets boy', with a superhero twist! British magazine The Gay UK called it "one of the best music videos we've seen in a long time."

In October 2013, Matt won another two awards at the annual RightOutTV Music & Video Awards. He picked up the 2013 award for BEST POP/ROCK VIDEO for When Boy Meets Boy and, for the second year running, he won the SONG OF THE YEAR award, this time for Radio-Friendly Pop Song.

On 18 November 2013, Matt released a Christmas single - a fun, pop-punk cover version of Mariah Carey's Oh Santa!, putting his own unique spin on the diva's 2010 festive hit single. The song was released as a 1-track, non-album single, complete with another piece of illustrated artwork by Joe Phillips.

In December 2013, Matt won both the ALBUM OF THE YEAR award (for Not Thinking Straight) and the SONG OF THE YEAR award (for Radio-Friendly Pop Song) at the 2013 Co-operative Respect 'Loved by You' Awards, voted for by the public.

On 22 June 2014, Matt released the first taster of new music from his upcoming covers EP in the form of a dramatic 3-minute teaser video for the epic, 7-minute Tonight Is What It Means To Be Young, written by songwriting legend Jim Steinman and originally performed by Fire Inc. for the 1984 movie Streets Of Fire. Matt's video preview comes complete with rain, thunder, lightning, fire, angels and a beautiful male torso emerging through flames!

On 14 July 2014, Matt released Cover Boy, a new EP comprising seven reinterpretations of songs by other artists. Cover Boy's lead single Finally is an edgier, rock-infused reworking of Ce Ce Peniston's classic 1991 dance anthem. For the Finally music video, Matt put out a call to his fans via Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to send in photos of what 'Pride' meant to them. Receiving hundreds of fan submissions from over 20 countries around the world, this collaborative video project brings together Matt's international fan-base in an on-screen celebration of LGBTQ Pride! 

Other tracks on Cover Boy include covers of Belinda Carlisle's 'Summer Rain', Björk's 'Hyperballad', Madonna's 'Sky Fits Heaven' and Jimmy Eat World's 'Big Casino', as well as 'Run With Us' - the theme tune from classic '80s/'90s television series The Raccoons. Run With Us was released on 10 August 2014 as the second single from Cover Boy. The accompanying music video is a nostalgic homage to The Raccoons, comprising clips and footage from the original animated series, re-edited together to match the song's lyrics.

In November 2014, Matt won the 2014 RightOutTV Music & Video Award for BEST LYRIC VIDEO, for Finally.